OutsourceBiz provides innovative, efficient, and scalable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions like Data Entry for medical claims processing and administration, or converting standard Employee Applications in to useful searchable databases. We also have customized solutions in Software Development. Through the use of our global resources, we are able to perform back office functions for our clients at significant cost reductions while improving quality, accuracy, scalability, and productivity.

Another important facet of our service is – Turning piles of Paper or PDF Documents/Records into USEFUL/SEARCHABLE INFORMATION – that can be sorted, searched and analyzed and organized and used cross-platform (PC, MC, UNIX, AS/400, MAINFRAME) for Business analytical services or report generations. We can also provide the data in different ANSI Formats as per Customer Requirements – which can be extremely useful for different conversion functions or standard reporting.

In medical Claims Processing, we provide value added service to a variety of healthcare insurance organizations including: Third Party Administrators (TPA's), Preferred Provider Networks (PPO's), Self-insured Employers, and Independent Physicians Associations (IPA's). We can login to your system and maintain, index, update EMPLOYEE/PROVIDER databases.

Our Outsourcing solutions help our Customers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, required by the companies to find new ways to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

OutsourceBiz can assist your company in leveraging the power of BPO to achieve these goals.

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