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Through its strategic partnerships, OutsourceBiz combines an array of diverse resources and skillsets into a single, cohesive offering. The result is an outsourcing solution of unparalleled excellence and value.

Our Partners

LanPro Technologies, Inc.

Since 1997, LanPro Technologies has recognized that providing superior IT consulting services demands a unique combination of personal attention, well-trained technical resources and diverse professional expertise. LanPro Technologies provides end-to-end technology management and consulting solutions to small and mid-sized organizations.


OutsourceBiz India Pvt.Ltd.

Our Company started it's full flagged IT operation from 2001 and has undertaken mission critical projects and product development on different technology domains for global and Indian clients to their complete satisfaction. We are end-to-ed technology experts focused on providing solutions for Software Development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Web Development, Customezed Software Application Development and other IT Services for your size company.


Featured Services
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